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Cake Business Course

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Who wants to start their own home-based cake business?

Hey friends!

After 17 years in the cake business that has seen me go from zero baking experience (not an exaggeration at all!) to full-time cake designer, even appearing on the Food Network's "Cake Wars", all from the comfort of my home, my husband Bobby and I are launching a course to help others do the same. Whether you simply want to learn how to bake and decorate a cake as a hobby, are looking for a side-hustle, want to do something part-time, or want something that can be your full-time focus, "How to Start Your Own Home-Based Cake Business" (...and actually make money doing it) is for you!

We are going to "pull back the curtain" and talk about everything we've learned along the way, the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly. Because we learned pretty much everything through trial and error there are a ton of things we look back on and say, "if only we knew then what we know now" that would have saved us time, energy, effort, and money,


Because we are here to support you and are putting everything we can think of into this course, you won't have to look back and wonder about anything.

This isn't for the masses and we aren't looking for a large group to do this with. We want a handful of people that are passionate about learning through our experience and embarking on their own home-based cake business journey whatever it may look like.

Cary xoxo

Cary On Cake Wars.png

In our 7-module* "How to Start Your Own Home-Based Cake Business" course you will learn:

(*Each module will be 45-60 minutes via video either through Facebook Live or Zoom,  a separate 30-45 minute Q&A call, & a downloadable listening guide to take notes. You can watch live or watch the recording, whatever works best with your schedule.)

Ready to get started?
Click on the button below and let's go!

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